Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on the Reports of Australian Media

Q: According to Australian media, in recent years, the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney has many times issued warnings to the Georges River Council in southern Sydney, asking it to stop "Falun Gong"-backed media from sponsoring its new year activities. Reports say that China's behavior constitutes an interference in Australia's internal affairs. What is your comment?

A: Recently, some Australian media have been trying to fabricate stories of China interfering in Australia's internal affairs, but they are struggling with producing any evidence. Nowadays, they have stooped to collude with a heretical cult. "Falun Gong" is a heretical cult and anti-China political organization that has been carrying out a smearing campaign against China without stop. It has been openly banned by the Chinese government in accordance with law and long spurned by the Chinese people. The Chinese Consulate General alerted its country of residence to the heretical nature of "Falun Gong" to keep it from being misled or manipulated, which is completely legitimate and justified and has nothing to do with "interfering in internal affairs".

Some Australian media are bent on launching vicious attacks against China to whip up anti-China sentiments for eye-catching effect. Their shoddy tricks are not that difficult to see through. We urge the relevant Australian media to abide by their professional ethics, shoulder their social responsibility, make a clean break with "Falun Gong", and stop inventing China-related issues and attempting to pull the wool before the public's eyes.

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