Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

The Global Times: According to ABC News, the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations, a body meant to strengthen engagement between the two countries has been plagued by a scandal recently. Among the advisory board members appointed by the foreign minister, two have been funded by the US Department of State and one is even a member of the anti-China cult Fa Lungong. How do you comment on that?

Wang Wenbin: I noted relevant reports. If the Australian side does hope this institution will play a positive role in enhancing mutual trust and expanding exchange and cooperation with China, it shouldn’t allow anti-China elements to be part of it. Such arrangement runs contrary to the original purpose and mission of the Foundation and sends gravely wrong message to the outside world. We hope the Australian side will immediately rectify its wrongdoing, demonstrate sincerity and contribute more to mutual trust and cooperation between the two sides, rather than doing the opposite.

We also noted that a flurry of media reports recently revealed that those Australian institutions and individuals taking the lead in fueling hostility towards China have received funding from the US government. We hope the Australian side will face up to these facts, discard double stands and ideological bias when talking about "counter foreign influence" and “foreign influence transparency” and refrain from political manipulation and acting in a selective and discriminatory way.


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