Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

AFP: The WHO said its team of international experts will travel to China soon for work related to origins of COVID-19. When will they arrive in China and can you give any further details of the trip? Second, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently talked about the needless worsening of ties with China. What's China's response?

Zhao Lijian: On your first question, China and WHO have been in communication and cooperation on the origin tracing of the virus. While tracing the origin domestically, China has been earnestly implementing WHA resolutions. We are the first to invite WHO experts in for origin-tracing cooperation. We also held video conferences with WHO experts recently.

Origin-tracing is a scientific matter that requires international research and cooperation by scientists across the globe, so as to advance the understanding of animal reservoirs and the route of transmission to humans, which will help to better prevent future risks to protect the life and health of people in all countries. This is an ongoing process that may involve many countries and places. We hope all relevant countries will adopt a positive attitude and cooperate with WHO like China does, making contributions to global origin-tracing and anti-epidemic cooperation.

On your second question, China noticed Prime Minister Morrison's positive comments on the global influence of China's economic growth and China's poverty alleviation efforts. China is committed to peaceful development and friendly cooperation with other countries based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. We also hope all countries will reject ideological bias and base their positions on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, universally acknowledged basic norms governing international relations, and the merits of the matters concerned. On China-Australia relations, we hope Australia will make independent, objective, sensible choices that serve its own interests.

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