Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

Beijing Daily: During the 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council, Australia's grave violation of human rights drew wide criticism. Can you further elaborate on China's position on the issue?

Zhao Lijian: In Australian offshore detention centers, a large number of refugees and migrants have been long held with chronic mental and physical sufferings, and unnatural deaths occur from time to time. Outsourced to private security firms, the detention centers have bad living conditions. The Australian government fails to effectively monitor them and gravely violates the human rights of refugees and migrants.

Historically, Australia committed genocide against the Aboriginals and inflicted permanent pain on the "stolen generation" by taking 100,000 Aboriginal children by force from their families. Even today, the average life expectancy of the Aboriginal Australians is 8.2 years shorter than that of White people. The Aboriginals account for 3.3% of the Australian population but 28% of the prisoner population. The Australian Aboriginals are still subjected to serious unfair treatment in living conditions, law enforcement and justice system, among others.

During the war in Afghanistan, Australian troops brutally killed prisoners of war and even civilians by shooting or cutting their throats. My colleagues and I have shed light on and condemned the atrocity of the Australian troops many times. The truth has come to light, but justice is still not upheld. These Australian troops remain at large despite their grave war crimes. Afghan lives also matter. The Australian side owes the world an explanation.

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